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We believe that a good legal and tax service must be as customised as possible to each single client’s specific needs and, thus, not be offered in a standardised manner. Promptness and efficiency are cornerstone principles of the way we work but, at the same time, we believe that a high quality of professional services may only be achieved by a team of experts who, by closely collaborating with each other, coordinate themselves to support the needs of the specific case in the best possible way.


Since 2004, our main practice area involves providing advice to subsidiaries of foreign multinationals in Italy and to Italian companies investing abroad, mainly dealing with international and national taxation, along with the relevant tax litigation.
We are members of the CPA Associates International (CPAAI), a global alliance of independent taxation, accounting and business advisory firms,

What we do

Our services

Our professional services cover the main legal and fiscal needs as well as assistance with the balance sheet of multinational and local companies. We offer assistance regarding day-to-day business as well as extraordinary deals.

Where we are

PG&Partners Milan

The Milan firm is mainly focused on giving advice to foreign companies having a subsidiary or a permanent establishment in Italy, as well as to Italian companies with needs abroad. In particular, the Milan firm deals with international taxation, transfer pricing, tax, corporate and employment litigation, extraordinary transactions, local tax advice and international reporting.


PG&Partners Ancona

The Ancona firm is mainly focused on giving advice to Italian companies to which it offers a wide range of tax, accounting and administrative services. It is particularly involved in supporting Italian entrepreneurs in fulfilling corporate and tax compliance, as well as in optimising their respective burden of taxation.