Who we Are

We are a firm of Lawyers and Certified Tax Advisors.
Our main practice area involves giving advice to the subsidiaries of foreign multinationals in Italy and to Italian companies investing abroad, in particular, in the field of tax litigation and of corporate governance.


PG&Partners Milan

The Milan firm is mainly focused on giving advice to foreign companies having a subsidiary or a permanent establishment in Italy, as well as to Italian companies with needs abroad. In particular, the Milan firm deals with international taxation, transfer pricing, tax, corporate and employment litigation, extraordinary transactions, local tax advice and international reporting.

Marco Petrucci
Enrico Bressan
Marcello Malavasi
Francesco Mattioli
Ilaria Morabito
Paolo Porelli
Andrea Ferrante

PG&Partners Ancona

The Ancona firm is mainly focused on giving advice to Italian companies to which it offers a wide range of tax, accounting and administrative services. It is particularly involved in supporting Italian entrepreneurs in fulfilling corporate and tax compliance, as well as in optimising their respective burden of taxation.

Pietro Daidone
Gianluca Mariani
Barbara Trillini
Laura Orlandini
Luca Capogrossi
Marco Tomassoni
Maurizio Leonardi
Michela Marchegiani
Patrizia Serangeli
Vanila Moglie
Veronica Pierella